About IDEA Group

CAD Services,
Shop for Drawing, 
2D Shop for Drawing, 
2D to 3D Shop Drawing, 
Machine, JIG Design Support, 
Design Manufacturing Drawings,
Mechanical & Electrical Design Service,

We have many years of experience in contracting the whole project or support design.
The work can be done at a lower cost than labor, engineers who working at Japan, USA.
In addition to the hourly unit price, we also take on project or sign exclusive engineering design contracts.
Many Japanese companies that carry out exclusive contracts and the working situation of these companies is very well.

Of the existing 250 design engineers, including 205 in the overseas design support department, the average age is 26. The number of Japanese and American customers is over 150.

Contac US:
Telephone: +84 2862 800 555
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IDEA Group Building



2016年, 電気設計制御部隊立ち上げ
2017年, 自社機械加工工場立ち上げ
2018年, 日本納入図面900万枚達成
2018年, 日本企業お取引115社達成
2019年, 日本に設計者派遣47人達成
2019年, 機械設計者252人育成達成
2020年, IDEAGROUP自社建物建設
2021年, 設計人材育成専門学校立上